When you are ready to register – go to and click on the “JOIN”-button OR “APPLY NOW”-icon and use W1000000565 (note that there are 6 zeros) as your reference. 

You only need your ID number and bank account details so that Duepoint can pay your returns every month electronically. Choose the DuePointEnterprise option (watch the video below to see what is included – you can change or upgrade to any of the other products later on).

Then complete the online application and submit it! You will get a sms with your own registration number (Wealth Engineer number) and you can immediately get to connect others to Duepoint.

As soon as I notice on my system that you have registered, I will call you to help you download the free App on your phone but, all you need to do is – go to the Playstore / i-Store and download the Duepoint App for free. You then use your Wealth Engineer number and ID number as password to get access to your app.

I will gladly answer any questions that may arise.

We look forward welcoming you to our team!

Kind regards,
Malcolm and Rina van Straten