• Constantia Life, a 70-year old insurance company, FSP nr 31111, is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange as Conduit Capital.
  • DuePoint, a Wealth Creation division of Constantia Life, was formed in 2015 and launched 1 Feb 2016.
  • DuePoint is registered with various regulating and auditing authorities such as the Direct Selling Association (DSA), Direct Marketing Association (DMA) as well as the Financial Services Conduct Authority (FSCA).
  • DuePoint is registered as a Financial Service Provider – FSP nr 50318.
  • DuePoint has physical offices at 2 Payne Road, Bryanston – Tel 010 020 4500
  • DuePoint product suppliers include SANTAM and SANLAM – the major insurers in South Africa.
  • Members of regulating authorities such as the DSA and DMA have to adhere to a strict code of conduct so scams or illegal practices will NOT be allowed!

Here is a list of a few of the regulating and auditing authorities that DuePoint is a member of:

        • FSCA – Financial Services Conduct Authority
        • DTI – Department of Trade and Industry
        • NCC – National Consumers Council
        • NCR – National Credit Regulator
        • SAIA – South African Insurance Association
        • Nt – National Treasurer
        • DSA – Direct Selling Association
        • DMA – Direct Marketing Association
        • PPIC – Protection of Personal Information Council
        • SARS – South African Revenue Services


The biggest risk today is to have only one source of income. Work in South Africa is very scarce and there is nothing available that can compare with DuePoint!

There is no Start-up cost, Admin Fee, Annual Fee or Starter Kit. The Basic Option is only R249 per month. That won’t even buy a meal for 4 people from a take-away outlet. If one cannot afford R249pm then that is a big enough reason to have a look at what DuePoint is offering! – There are no other Legal opportunities available at that price!


There are people from all walks of life part of our team – from young adults of 18 years up to seniors in their 70’s and older! My wife and I are 67 years old and DuePoint is our main source of income!

We work as a team and help one another.

The business is very simple and duplicable.

Click Here to watch the 10-min video where the business is explained in detail.